What is our vision for Sidney 2030?

The Sidney Community Association (SCA) is planning a series of presentations to explore trends and issues relevant to setting a vision and planning for our town’s future. We offer these educational efforts as part of our core belief that every resident is part of creating the future of Sidney. To be effectively engaged in creating the future, we need to be properly informed, especially now as the Town is preparing to update to our Official Community Plan (OCP).

This educational series complements our other undertakings, including a demographic and SWOT analysis, recently completed by a sub-group of the SCA. This latter analysis identifies Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that will inform the reworking of the OCP. Walk-about events with town planning experts have provided further helpful information.

The first planned event was on October 27th, entitled “Sidney 2030”, a presentation by Mr. Jim Bottomley, a Victoria-based management consultant and futurist. He discussed the technological, economic, social and demographic trends affecting our town’s future and thus, our planning for it.

Looking to the future.

The Town of Sidney has clearly expressed its commitment to a robust OCP review. Mayor Mc Neill-Smith recently stated in a letter to SCA president Steve Duck, “public engagement on the development of such a critical document for the community is a primary consideration for the project”, referring to the OCP review. He added that Council appreciates our willingness to be engaged and informed community stakeholders and that they look forward to working with SCA and the broader community, heading into this important project. While the Town of Sidney develops its strategy, the SCA intends to complement these efforts with its information sessions.

The content of subsequent sessions will be determined, in part, from interests and concerns coming out of Jim Bottomley’s “Sidney 2030” presentation and the SWOT analysis which can provide valuable information and guidance to an OCP review.