Terrific Up-coming Events

The Sidney Community Association Believes every resident is part of creating the future of our town

Sidney 2030…what’s the flavour of Sidney?

Come and be part of our future! The Sidney Community Association will host a series of activities and workshops about the Sidney you know. We will provide information on topics like housing, transportation, climate change, natural environment jobs and the economy. Activities will engage, educate and encourage participants to give their perspectives on what Sidney is and where it is heading.

Our hope is that your participation in these events will encourage you to be active in the Town of Sidney’s forthcoming review and update of the Official Community Plan (OCP). Your ideas are important. What flavour do you favour for Sidney?

Sidney 2030 Introduction

When: March 1st at 2pm

Where: Sidney All Care Residence Auditorium at 2269 Mills Road

There will be information stations on housing, transportation, economy and jobs, climate change, sea level rise, natural environment, community context and downtown. Each station will provide current facts on the topic, the importance of the facts and propose a question for participants to answer.

Sidney 2030 Workshops and Speakers

When: April 19th and May 24th at 2pm

Where: Sidney All Care Residence Auditorium

Following on the Introduction session, the results from the March 1st stations will be compiled. This information will help identify the primary topics for two follow-up workshops. Each workshop will combine related topic areas, feature-specific speakers and a question for participants to answer.

Sidney 2030 Outcomes

When: June 14th and September 27th at 2pm

Where: Sidney All Care Residence Auditorium

Sidney Community Association Board and Working Group members will compile the combined results of the Introduction and Workshop sessions. Presentations on results will be made at the Sidney Community Association Annual General Meeting and to the Town of Sidney at the June Council meeting. A Sidney Community Association review meeting in September will provide the session highlights.

All sessions are free to the general public. Refreshments will be provided. Be kind to the environment and please bring your own cup, if possible. Our sessions will provide new and relevant information to generate enthusiasm for the very important Town of Sidney Official Community Plan review.

We will collaborate with the Town of Sidney in sharing any information provided. Again, the Sidney Community Association believes every resident is a part of creating the future of our town. Please join us at the upcoming Sidney 2030 sessions, bring a friend, and pass this message along to your neighbours. We look forward to seeing you there!