Parkland Senior Secondary – future voters hear from candidates

On October 1, several Sidney Council candidates spoke with approximately 100 Parkland Senior Secondary students about municipal issues and the importance of voting. The event was organized by the Sidney Community Association, especially Board member Eric Diller, and Parkland staff.  Thank you to Mayoral candidates Cliff McNeil Smith and Steve Price, plus Councillor candidates Jordan Templeman, Melissa Hailey, Greg Lynn, Barbara Fallot and Sara Duncan for being available to talk to future voters.

This  event builds on Eric Diller’s own talk with Parkland students back in May  about the municipal election and how they could get involved and influence the result by volunteering, talking to their parents, etc. even if they are not yet old enough to vote. Although young people tend to be passionate about the issues, the voter turnout for the 18-24  age group of newly eligible voters is often low.  Research also indicates that if young people vote the first time they are eligible, they are more likely to become regular voters. If they don’t start voting at 18, they are less likely to start  voting later. It looks as though Parkland students are getting lots of encouragement!

Photos courtesy of Eric Diller.