March 18, 2018 Housing: A Roof Over Our Heads, Part ll: Solutions

Join us Sunday afternoon March 18 

 Affordable Housing in Sidney, A Roof Over Our Heads

Part II: Solutions


What is working now? What are the solutions for housing affordability? Bring your questions and your neighbours.

Our Housing Committee is following up their excellent presentations at Part I on January 21 about the scope and nature of the issue. For March 18, they have lined up a panel of experts including:

Kaye Melliship, Greater Victoria Housing Society
Alanna Holroyd, Greater Victoria Rental Development Society: Aranza workforce housing, 9818 Fourth St
Adam Olsen, MLA, Provincial Government’s new 30 Point Plan
Todd Litman, Victoria Transport Institute

All welcome. Please let your friends know about this event.

Join the conversation about this important topic. Refreshments will be served.

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