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Sidney Community Association
Fourth Annual General Meeting

Sunday June 23, 2019, 2 pm
2269  Mills Road

Sidney All Care Residence Theatre
Guest Speakers:
MLA Adam Olsen
Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith

Our speakers will reflect on their vision for Sidney, the importance of Official Community Plans and our relationship to the region. Please bring a non-member friend or neighbour with you. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from our elected representatives and to join the discussion about how to achieve the future we want for our town.

The AGM will review the SCA’s past year, elect a new Board of Directors and set membership fees for 2019-2020. (Spoiler alert! The Board wants to revise membership fees.) To vote at the AGM, your membership must be paid up to date.

AGM Documents are on the Links page: Financial Report, draft Minutes of the 2018 AGM, our Constitution and Bylaws. 

Want to get involved in the Community Association and meet other members? Join an interest group by contacting its leader:

Development: Dennis Carlsen dcarlsen58@gmail.com Habitat and Environment: Lynda Comber lyndacomber123@gmail.com Transportation: Eric Diller eric4941@yahoo.com Council Watch: Jocelyn Gifford jocelyn.gifford@shaw.ca Member Engagement: Elaine Hicks hicks.elaine@shaw.ca

About the Community Association

The Sidney Community Association believes that every Sidney resident is part of creating the future of our town. We inform ourselves about local government and connect with other residents to be engaged in the places we live (housing, zoning, development), the places we enjoy (parks, environmentally sensitive areas, beaches), and the streets we travel on (safety, accessibility, sustainability.)

The 2018-2019 Board is looking forward to working with members, residents, neighbourhood groups and the variety of organizations and interests in our town.  (see the Who We Are page to meet the Directors) 

We became a registered Society in 2016.
We are funded only by membership fees and donations. 

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Sidney by the Sea

Sidney by the Sea has a beautiful waterfront, friendly and walkable neighborhoods, lovely gardens and green spaces, interesting local shops and a unique ‘small town’ feel that is precious to residents and visitors alike. Protecting what all residents value in our town, as it grows, is a core value for the Association. Another core value is respectful, constructive discussion about municipal affairs.


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